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LEX - The LDAP Explorer : A powerful LDAP client on Windows with rich features.

An LDAP browser and client for administrators of directories like OpenLDAP, Active Directory, eDirectory, iPlanet, DirX, 389 Directory Server...
Helpful when you develop LDAP applications or when you maintain and automate your directory environment with scripts.

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This modern LDAP browser can be installed on every Windows version Windows 7 - Windows 10. The LEX LDAP browser runs on Windows server systems (Windows Server 2008 - Windows Server 2016) also. All you need for this browser to install is the .NET Framework 4.5.1 This is pre-installed on every system since Windows 8.1 or Windows Server 20012 R2, so you can use the LDAP client here without having to install any other runtime environment (please note that the operating systems has to be updated with all hotfixes to have the latest .NET framework version installed).