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LEX Version 2 - A new Generation

Evolution continues. After an extended period of preparation, there is actually an early prototype of the new LEX generation, LEX - The LDAP Explorer 2. The second major version of the tool was developed from the ground up, with the following milestones in mind:

-> LEX2 gets a completely redesigned internal multithreading system and is much faster than the previous version in many situations (especially in environments with a very large number of objects).

-> LEX2 gets a new, more modern GUI - with ribbon menus and dockable windows, with a very flexible layout: Individual detail windows for specific objects or containers can be mad floating at any time from the general view in order to keep an eye on the regarding objects.

LEX 2 - GUI Look and Feel

LEX 2 - Dockable Window GUI

-> LEX2 not only speaks LDAP, but can also manage objects in Azure AD directories and O365 tenants. So all functions, which are known from the handling with LDAP Directories (listing, filtering, editing, exporting ...). But just not so unwieldy as by Powershell or awkward as via Azure O365 portal.

LEX 2 : Azure AD / O365 Object Handling

-> In principle, many new editors are possible, which can automatically process the corresponding information or provide actions as a dock window for each displayed object. Just as the list of attributes of an object appears directly when the object is selected, such additional editors are immediately displayed in an additional window and can be used without further delay. Examples of this are an editor for AD authorizations (known from the free tool LIZA), or editors for thumbnail photos or editors for O365 licenses etc. etc.

LEX 2 Additional Editors for AD

LEX 2 Additional Editors for Azure

Frequently asked questions about LEX - The LDAP Explorer 2:

When does the release of this version come?
That is hard to say. In any case, unfortunately not so soon, because there is still a lot to do to develop LEX with the new features and the powerful functionality of the first version to a stable, fast system.

Will LEX 1 customers have to purchase a new license for LEX 2?
Yes, but there will be an update license available for LEX 1 customers with a discount.

On what .NET Framework will LEX be based?
Currently, LEX 2 is running on the .NET Framework 4.5.1. Depending on the final release date, this can still change to a then currently widespread version of the .NET framewok.

What techniqhe is LEX using to access Azure AD/O365 zu?
LEX2 uses Powershell commands internally to access the Microsoft public cloud objects. The corresponding Powershell modules e.g. for O365 or Azure AD are therefore a prerequisite on the LEX 2 computer, if you wants to use such a connection.